THANK YOU to Missoula and the communities of the surrounding area.

35 years ago we started a program, FIVE VALLEYS CRIMESTOPPERS, to facilitate getting information to the proper law enforcement agency. Crimestoppers is based on the premise that someone knows something about every crime committed, even if they may not be aware of it. Many also wanted a way to pass the information on anonymously. A monetary reward is also possible for the information found to be useful. The amount of this reward is determined by the Crimestopper Board.
In order for the program to be successful, it has to be completely community based. The program is totally funded through community donations, which is controlled by a volunteer board made up of members of the community. We depend heavily on the community to provide information to us. Our Law Enforcement Coordinators are a conduit for the incoming information and then to let the board know of the outcome of the investigation.
Since 1981 the information received by Crimestoppers has led to the seizure of $10,885,087 (street value) of illicit narcotics and $6,673,125 worth of recovered stolen property. The information also led to the arrest of 1,233 individuals and the clearing of 1,167 cases. For the information provided we authorized $264,320 in rewards, but only paid out $259,720. Many of those calling in with information were not interested in the reward, but wanted to just “help out”. This again shows the community’s support.
Once again, thank you to the many citizens “doing the right thing” who have been supporting us for the past 35 years. Remember “if you know something, tell someone”. Call (406) 721-4444 with information, visit our webs site: and like us on Facebook.
Here’s to serving you for the next 35 years!
Rick Newlon, Chairman
Five Valleys Crimestoppers

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